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Underage Lust



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However, some places mentioned do in fact exist, but certain things may be changed for the advantage of the story. This story will, at some point, include sexual relations between two males. If you don't want to read something like that, then leave. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas), or if it is illegal for you to view this material, then you should exit out of this. This story is copyrighted and may not be copied for any reason, without the author's permission. Please send all comments to . Chapter 7 The afternoon sun blazed overhead. It was an exceptionally warm day for winter in Denver. The sun reflected off the snow and glared making everyone squint. I was glad that the limo had tinted windows. Andrew, Henry and I sat in one seat in the limo and Tim and Charlie had the other. We were parked illegally in front of the white cement and glass multi story federal building. Charlie had put a baseball cap with a large brim, dark sunglasses, and black gloves on, adding to her usual black leather ensembles. The sun being so strong today was a problem for my two created vampire family members and the created vampires that were my guard. They were all covered as much as possible from head to toe. Created vampires are allergic to the sun. The degree to which they are allergic varies from individual to individual. Some can tolerate it better than others. Charlie wasn't overly sensitive, but on days like today when the sun blazed hard she would cover up as much as possible to prevent Underage Art having an allergic reaction. She didn't appreciate breaking out into boils and sores that would fester and burn for hours. Once she was back indoors she would heal in a couple hours from the sores, but it wasn't comfortable. I chuckled at her new look and got growled at Underage Art for my trouble. Grandfather's lawyer Sloan was waiting for us on the sidewalk. He was looking at his watch, he was impatient Underage Art but he knew better than to rush us. He had a good deal of respect and fear for Grandfather. He was clearly a human, not a vampire but he looked more blood thirsty than any vampire I had ever met. This unscrupulous man would know his way around the law and was not afraid to use every trick in the book to accomplish what he was being paid to do. "Henry, can you wait in the car with Tim while we go get LytaRose?" I rubbed Henry's back. He was looking at the Federal Building like he was haunted by it. I knew exactly how he felt. I had many meetings in buildings like this with social workers and foster families. It gave me the creeps to have to go into the cement structure that reminded me more of a prison than anything. Henry smiled and scooted over to sit beside Tim and took his hand. Tim smiled down at the small boy who trusted him implicitly and ruffled his hair, leaning down and kissing the crown of his head. Henry had a way of endearing others to him. Charlie opened the car door and Andrew and I got out of the car. Our guard stood outside the car eyeing Sloane. He was dressed much like Charlie but unlike Charlie, he would remain beside the car until we came back out. I felt sorry for Underage Art him. I reached over and squeezed his arm Underage Art gently. "No worries, Lord Lance." He said with a smile, I'll be fine. Sloan led the way into the building, Andrew and I followed with Charlie watching our back. Another member of our guard was walking with Sloane and I could tell the guard made the lawyer nervous. "I'm here." Andrew whispered softly into my ear. He was walking directly behind me with his arm tightly about my waist, helping me to move Underage Art forward and not make a run for it. "Wait here. Please." Sloane said going over to the desk. He returned and motioned for us to follow. Charlie removed her cap but kept her sunglasses on as we followed Sloane to a small dark room. The paneling in the room was very old and the single overhead fluorescent light blinked unsteady. It was a room right out Underage Art of my childhood nightmares. In the room was a table with chairs about it. There were two doors. The only difference was that usually I was the one entering to meet the new family and this time I had come in the receiving door instead of entering from the child services side. I couldn't sit still. I paced about the room agitated. Andrew let me pace. He knew that the room made me feel trapped. I took a couple deep breaths and made myself calm down. A woman dressed in grey polyester pants and a white button up shirt, that looked like it belonged in the 1970's , her hair up in a tight bun, and glasses hanging from a chain about her neck entered the room Underage Art with an armload of paperwork. She was severe in her appearance and looked every bit as institutional as the building she worked in. I ignored her, Sloane was ready for her. I got the feeling that he knew the paperwork she held better than she did and it irritated her. I was anxious and nervous about seeing my sister. Finally the woman turned from Sloane Underage Art and addressed me directly, "Sir are you really sure. This child is not a good adoption candidate. She has gotten into trouble in every home she has ever been placed in." The woman sneered at me. I gave her a dirty look as LytaRose was led into the room and had heard every word the woman said. The woman just glanced at LytaRose as if she was insignificant garbage. I recognized the look. It had often been directed at me when I was in LytaRose's position. I walked over to stand directly in front of the woman. She was a couple inches shorter than me and I was easily able to intimidate her, something I had never dreamt of doing when I was in the system. "This is my Sister. I think you need to do your job and keep your damn opinions to yourself. If I had been interested in her past lives in the homes of others I would have asked. As I don't particularly care about the opinions of the people in this building, I would appreciate it if you would just do what it is that you do and leave." I snarled at the woman, my eyes flashing and the wolf snarled in my mind. She couldn't appreciate the wolf, she couldn't see him in my eyes, but she did get the point. Sloane blanched slightly, as if he was seeing the family resemblance. "Fine." The woman hissed. "Sign here." Sloane picked up the pen and signed my name and Grandfather's. The woman picked up the paperwork and headed for the door. "You can stay here as long as you need" And disappeared out the door. Once she was gone. Sloane gathered up his copy of the paper work and went out the door with out a word. Charlie followed him out with the guard. They would be standing just outside the closed door. The paper thin walls of this place would not deter a vampire from getting in if either one of them needed to get to me. The child, LytaRose stood just inside the door that the social worker had stormed out. She had black hair with a white streak at her left temple. She parted it on the left side with the white streak combed over from her left temple over to the right side. Her hair was long and hung almost to her waist. Her eyes were dark brown like mine. She was very slight like her brother. Those eyes were now a mirror of what mine had looked like not too long ago. She was nervous and fearful of what was going to happen to her now. I swore to myself that I would keep the twins on watch at all the hospitals in the area for any sign of any other children our parents might have. I was not about to let another one of my brothers or sisters have to endure the system and be scarred. I took a slow step closer to LytaRose and sat down in one of the chairs around the table. I had pulled it away from the table so I was pretty much in the middle of the room. Andrew stood directly behind me with his hands on my shoulders. Now that the social worker and lawyer were gone, I was a bit more relaxed. "LytaRose, my name is Lance Fitz. I'm your biological brother." I said softly. I reached up and took Andrew's hand. "This is Andrew, my Mate... my Husband." I held his hand briefly then let go as he went to stand against the wall out of the way. She frowned at how I had called Andrew my Mate, and it struck me for the first time that it might be upsetting for her to have a brother mated to another man, but she didn't say anything. "I know what its like to be in foster care. I know what it is like to be where you are now. I just turned 18 recently and got out. I didn't know I had any brothers or sisters. I didn't know about you until earlier today and came for you as quickly as we could." She looked at me suspiciously but came further into the room. She stood by the edge of the table now. He put a hand on the corner of it. "You have a twin brother. His name is Henry. We just found him a little while ago too. He is about the same height as you are and has brown hair like mine but has grey eyes. We also found out today that we have an older brother named Justin but we don't know where he is. Andrew's brothers, Jack and Joe are still looking for him for us, going through records and newspapers." "We live with our Grandfather, who didn't know anything about us. He didn't know that our parents had any children and is very happy to have us in his life. I found him about 2 months ago. He loves us a great deal and has opened his home to us and is protecting us from those that want to hurt our family." I didn't want to scare her, but I had to try and explain the guards at least a little bit. "My name is Lyta. I don't use the rose." She said very softly it was almost a whisper, as she took another step closer to me. "You don't seem like the other foster families I have ever been part of." She frowned at me. "Are you gay?" I knew that she could sense the difference between me and the humans, instinctively. She was clenching and unclenching her little hands nervously. I could see that part of her wanted this to be different but was afraid to hope and another part of her just wanted me to sweep her up in my arms and hold her. "Well, sort of I guess. It's ok. You will never have another foster family again because we are you're real family." I said gently. I moved down to the floor, sitting on my knees so I was at her level and looking her in the eye. She stepped forward again, her dark brooding fearful brown eyes searching mine for the truth. I opened my arms to her and waited patiently. She came forward again and stopped just an arms reach away. "Where is my brother?" her voice trembled. "Henry is out in the car. He was a bit traumatized recently by the last foster he had and he doesn't speak. This place scares him as much as it does you and me. I didn't want to scare him further, so he is waiting in the car with Tim, a very good friend, and as much family as everyone else you will meet. It was all I could do to get myself through those doors. I couldn't make him come in here." I admitted my own pain to her. I was frowning slightly thinking of the trauma Henry went through and the trauma places like this had dished out regularly for me as well. "I believe he is very happy. He smiles a lot and is very easy to understand even though he doesn't talk. You just have to pay close attention. He is very excited about meeting you." "Lyta took another step forward, she was within my reach now and I gently pulled her the rest of the way into my arms and against my chest. She trembled and almost pulled away from me before she realized that I felt right, and she felt safe in my arms, not as she had when touched by humans. I felt her sigh as I rocked her gently. I then adjusted my legs, sitting cross legged with Lyta in my lap, tight against my chest. She was trying not to cry. I Underage Art could feel her fighting with herself. She was trembling and fighting the hope. "You belong with us Lyta. It will be different. You'll see. Nothing will ever hurt you again. You will never be alone again. I will always be here if you need me." She was trembling and suddenly the flood gates broke open and she sobbed. All the pain and anguish she had felt during her short life gushed from her and soaked my shirt with salt water. I cried with her, my tears soaking her black hair. As I had with her brother, I began to hum softly Underage Art a lullaby trying to reassure her. Andrew came up behind me and wrapped his arms around both of us. He moved so silently that she jerked a bit at his touch. She didn't realize that he had moved, but she instantly relaxed as the safe secure feeling continued. I had no idea how much time was passing, but slowly her arms began moving so that she was not only being held but she was holding on to me too. As her tears slowed and stopped and her gasping and trembling ceased, she let out a long sigh as if part of her had been Underage Art holding its breath for years. I knew exactly how she felt. All the tension left her little body. I looked down into the eyes of my little sister. I could see that she was still afraid to trust and afraid to hope but at the same time, part of her already was. It was the dream that we all carried, that we were just forgotten and that someday our real family would come for us. I stroked her hair and her eyes closed and opened slowly. She looked like she almost believed that she was asleep and afraid that this might be a dream. "Ok, are you ready to leave this place?" I asked her a grin on my face. "Yes." She said without hesitation. Andrew stood behind me and gripped me by my shoulders and helped me up with Lyta snug in my arms. I was not ready to let her go yet and she seemed happy enough to stay snuggled in my arms and let me carry her. Andrew picked up her one bag of belongings. "Charlie, time to go home" I said no louder than I had spoken to her the entire time I was in the room. Lyta looked at me as if I must have forgotten we were alone in the room, but the door opened quietly and Charlie entered looking at us and then took the bag from Andrew. Charlie was so in tune with us that she knew that Andrew would feel most comfortable with at least one arm wrapped protectively around my waist. Charlie shoved her hat back down tight on her head, her red spiked hair shooting out at strange angles from under the hat and led the way towards the door. I tried to suppress a hysterical wave of giggles but lost the battle. My emotions so raw, I couldn't stop myself. I giggled and shook my head. Charlie softly growled at me. Lyta looked at Charlie with fear and cringed deeper into my arms. I quickly stifled my laugher because Lyta didn't understand Charlie's and my relationship. "It's Ok Lyta. Charlie is family too. She is here to protect us and she takes her job very seriously. I trust her with my life and I love her very much." We stepped out of the dark room into the main lobby and walked quickly towards the glass doors. My guard stood at the limo as we had left him. He didn't appear any worse for his time in the sun. I would have to remember to send Tim to look after him to make sure he was Ok. Charlie opened the glass front doors. Tim was starting to get out of the limo but I motioned that I wanted him to stay and Charlie to join Underage Art us. He got back in. I climbed carefully into the car and rested Lyta on my lap. Andrew was instantly beside me and Charlie sat next to Tim with Henry between them. The guard closed the door and we were away. I breathed a heavy sigh Underage Art of relief. I felt safe now. My family was about me and the people in the building couldn't stop us now. Charlie was chucking the hat, gloves and sunglasses now that she would not be risking sunburn. I took a bit of a deep breath. Here was Lyta's first introduction to our strange world. I hoped she could take it because this was just the beginning. Andrew turned on the light inside the darkened car. I eased Lyta around on my lap so she would see everyone in the car. I kept my arms wrapped around her. Henry was anxiously looking at Lyta who was still sitting with her head resting against my shoulder. Her eyes closed tightly. Henry climbed onto Tim's lap and touched Tim's arm then looked from him to Lyta questioningly. "She's Ok. Henry. She is probably scared like you were in the beginning." Tim smiled and touched Henry's nose. "Henry smiled at Tim and watched as Lyta opened her eyes and Underage Art turned to look at her little brother. Then she saw the pale, black eyed man on whose lap he confidently sat. I felt her cringe with instinctive in fear at Tim's appearance, and then she looked at Charlie and saw the same pale skin and black eyes. I felt her gasp and tremble. "Shhh... It's Ok I know, it's a shock. It's Ok though. We have a lot to explain and there are a lot of very different things that you are going to see today. Most of which you have always been told is imaginary or mythical, but it isn't. I promise you that even if it looks scary, it isn't going to hurt you. See, Henry isn't scared he's ok." Lyta stared at Charlie then Tim and trembled. Andrew reached over and stroked her face from temple to chin and she followed his hand back to his eyes, away from Charlie and Tim. "It's ok little sister." He said softly to her. "No one will hurt you. We are all here to help you and keep you safe." Henry reached over and touched Lyta's knee. She looked down at his hand, and then looked up at Henry and watched him as he slowly moved to Andrew's lap to be within reach of her. He was trembling, I could tell he wanted to wrap his little arms around her but was afraid Underage Art to scare her further. Henry looked up at Andrew who smiled at him and nodded encouraging him. Henry leaned forward and Andrew helped steady him with an arm on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms a bit awkwardly around his twin. Lyta gasped as if a long missing piece of her soul had just touched her. She leaned back away from him a bit to look into his grey eyes and then threw her arms around him. The two of them pulled each other tight into an embrace as if they were trying to merge their two beings into one. Andrew and I scooted apart so that the two of them could hold each other more easily and sit on the seat. Henry stroked Lyta's hair and Lyta patted Henry's back. When they finally sat back a bit too look deeply into each others eyes, they were both crying but Underage Art Underage Art Henry was wiping Lyta's tears. She leaned into his shoulder and he rocked her as I had rocked him. I looked up to see Andrew's eyes on me. I could feel his love. Our family was growing. I could tell he didn't mind. He was happy for me that I was finding my family. The people he knew belonged in my life, the ones he had been looking for, from the very first time I had seen him. Henry looked at Lyta. Her tears had stopped now and Henry smiled his beautiful endearing smile that, like Grandfather, made you instantly trust him. Henry looked over his shoulder at Charlie and grinned. Charlie rolled her black eyes and growled at him playfully. His smile got larger and he turned to Lyta. She looked at me with the same questioning gaze Henry so often used. "Charlie and Tim are vampires. They are part of our family and our guards. They protect us. Tim is a wonderful doctor and Charlie is a very fierce warrior. They do not hunt people, although they do have to drink human blood to live, they get it from the blood bank and other donated sources." I stroked her hair. I could feel her fear. Henry touched her face, kissed her cheek and then leapt into Charlie's open arms. Charlie playfully tickled him, you could see Henry's laughter but he didn't make a sound. "There are two different types of vampires. Charlie and Tim are created vampires, which means they were human at one time. The other type of vampire is like our Grandfather, a born vampire. He was never human, but born as a vampire." I could see her fear filled question in her Underage Art eyes as she searched my face for signs that I would go pale and my eyes turn black. "We aren't vampires." I chuckled softly smiling. "Charlie and Tim have very pale skin and black eyes. Their hearts don't beat and they are very cold to the touch, but they have beautiful souls within those dark eyes. They are allergic to the sun and if they are exposed to the sun for a time it can kill them. But normally it will just make them sick, as if they have a really really bad sunburn. They can move very fast. They have a lot of love for this family and we have a lot of love for them. Our Grandfather is their Father, in that he made them and I am ever so Underage Art grateful that he did. Grandfather is a born vampire which makes him a bit different. His skin is still very pale and cold, and his heart is silent. But he has the most beautiful green eyes. He doesn't have an allergy to the sun like Charlie and Tim. He is really fast and extremely strong. He is venomous of course, which is how he is able to create other vampires. I don't know what his venom would do to us." "He wanted to come along to meet you but was afraid that you would become overwhelmed. He is waiting for us at home." "They are Underage Art really vampires?" Lyta whispered her voice lased with fear but as Charlie played with her twin and he was so at ease with her, there was a bit of curiosity too. "Yes. They are." I smiled at Tim who smiled back, his big grin showed his teeth, and his complete lack of fangs. I chuckled at his antics and rolled my eyes. But Lyta was looking for the fangs. Lyta watched Henry as he played with Charlie, then he gave her a hug and climbed onto Tim's lap where he had started, when we first got into the car. Lyta looked up at me. The fear was leaving her face, being replaced by curiosity. She was starting to relax. "Charlie, what time are Quinn and Stephon arriving?" I tried making conversation allowing Lyta to get use to the idea and letting her come to terms with the first part of her new reality. "They will be here in the late afternoon. Father wanted to give you plenty of time. Of course Stephon is overjoyed and gushing at the news." Charlie wrinkled her nose at the thought of Stephon. "I can imagine him already shopping for clothes for the both of them." I Underage Art laughed and told Lyta, "Stephon is a born vampire, like our Grandfather but unlike him, Stephon is ... eccentric." I used Andrew's choice of words from long ago and Charlie laughed. I didn't want to get into exactly what Stephon was at this point. "Ok. That gives us some time then." "We have all the time we need. I know Stephon and Grandfather will not rush things. They really didn't get time to talk last time and if we need more time I am sure that they can occupy themselves till we can meet with them." Andrew reassured me. His arm was draped over the back of the seat and he was playing with a lock of my hair. He was watching Lyta and Henry but being very casual about it. He was ready to scoop her up into his arms protectively if it all became too much for her to handle. Henry eyed his sister and put out a hand reaching for her but didn't leave Tim's lap. "It's Ok Lyta. You can come and sit with Henry if you want." Tim encouraged her softly. His voice the gentle voice of the good doctor I remembered from my first introduction to him. "I would never hurt you or anyone in our family." Tim grinned at me because he still struggled with the love he felt as being part of the family and his duty as a vassal. I pretty much ignored the vassal thing and just saw him as family. Lyta reached tentatively out and took Henry's hand. He pulled her onto Tim's lap. They each sat on one leg, Tim's arms around them protectively. I knew that Tim's arms were stronger than any seatbelt in the world. Tim watched Lyta carefully. When he looked up at me and met my eyes, I almost laughed. Tim had the tolerant look of a cat surrounded by puppies. He was uncomfortable but was enjoying himself at the same time despite attempting to appear above it all. Henry had chosen him to be Lyta's guinea pig and as the good doctor he would endure. Secretly I knew he loved it. He suffered his vampirism with martyrdom, always apologizing, trying to keep himself separated and unobtrusive, but he craved the contact of others and our family was slowly giving him that connection. Lyta sat nervously leaning against Tim's chest slightly. He smiled gently at her and gave her a brief hug and then reached around her to ruffle Henry's hair. Henry reached for Tim's hand and held it in front of him running his fingers along the smooth skin and tracing the blue veins that showed through at his wrists and joints in his fingers. He handed Tim's hand to Lyta like a toy. Tim watched fascinated as Lyta felt the hard texture and temperature of his hand, the silky smooth unmarked softness. There were no lines, no fingerprints, nothing to mar the perfection of his skin. Eventually curiosity won over fear and she was sitting up reaching for the skin of his neck. She looked into his black bottomless eyes then, pausing suddenly and I heard her gasp. "I'm sorry ... I ..." she stuttered looking down self consciously and put her hands in her lap and starred at them. "It's Ok Lyta, really." Tim reached for her chin and gently raised her face to look into his eyes again. "I know it's a lot to understand and a bit scary." She looked into his dark eyes then for the longest time. Tim blinked his eyes regularly as she stared Underage Art into them. I wasn't sure what she was looking for, some hint of his soul, maybe, but eventually she smiled and relaxed. Henry grinned and hugged Tim then climbed onto my lap. I hugged him tight. Lyta tentatively reached for Tim's arms and he wrapped them around her, holding her tight. She sighed and smiled and closed her eyes, resting her head against his chest. Suddenly the drive was too short. Lyta looked so content in Tim's arms, like she felt safe and secure. That was a gift Tim had. He could make you feel at ease. It was what made him a great doctor. We pulled into the parking garage and Andrew winked at Henry and swept him giggling off my lap and was out of the car. Tim with Lyta now all eyes, looking around curiously, followed after Andrew, he perched Lyta on his shoulders so she would be able to see everything. Charlie and I got out last. I reached over and wrapped my arm through Charlie's and sighed. It was going much better than I had hoped. We followed after them towards the elevator doors. I nudged Charlie in private. "I'm going to have Tim and Andrew stay with the kids while our guests are here. I don't care if Stephon is around them, but I don't know anything about Quinn and Andrew said he didn't exactly join the cause last time." I chuckled at Andrew's havoc filled memories of when I had disappeared. "I'll stay with you and Grandfather, and do whatever I can do to help." She smiled. "Thank you. Ok, so when are you going to tell Tim you love him?" I whispered so softly it was barely an exhale of breath, for her ears alone. Charlie's eyes got big and she gave me Underage Art a shocked look, almost fearful. "I... Don't..." she stammered her black eyes huge as I felt her tremble. "Oh Please! You do too, and so does he, only he is so sure that because he is a vampire and cold that no one could really love him. Surely you don't think he is cold. You have to have noticed how he is with the kids. He is so shocked that they accept him. He and Grandfather both are so surprised when they are accepted like it is an earth shaking miracle, an impossibility, a beautiful twist of fate in their favor. They are both so wonderful and loving how could anyone not love them." We had caught up with the others now as they waited in the elevator for us. She still looked shocked and avoided Tim's questioning eyes. It took a lot to shock Charlie but I had succeeded. Grandfather Underage Art was waiting for us when the doors opened. He was all smiles. "Lance, My Grandson how are you. I hope you didn't have any problems." He pulled me into his arms for a hug. I kissed his cheek and returned his embrace. "No everything went well. Sloane was very efficient." "Oh good." He eyed Charlie questioningly. "Hello Father", Charlie smiled and hugged him. "No surprises. It went very well." "I was so worried." He grinned and glanced over Charlie's shoulder first to Andrew and Henry and then To Tim with Lyta sitting on his shoulders watching intently, fear in her eyes again. "Andrew... Henry... How are you?" Grandfather hugged Andrew and then reached up for Henry who sat on his shoulders. Henry climbed into Grandfathers arms and a huge glowing smile on his face. "We are doing very well Grandfather. How are you?" Andrew asked with an eyebrow raised, teasing the old vampire. "I am very well, thank you. I have made a few changes to your suite my boy. I hope you and Lance don't mind. I had things rearranged and a set of bunk beds added for the young ones. I thought it would be best if they were close by in the beginning until they become accustomed to the changes." Grandfather smiled. "Thank you so much. I know Lance will be relieved to have them near." Andrew watched Grandfather hugging Henry. We all slowly walked into the large living room. Henry tapped Grandfather on the shoulder and pointed to Lyta. "And who is this beautiful little creature?" Grandfather asked Henry with big eyes. Henry grinned. "Hello my son, will you introduce us?" "Hello Father." Tim put his hand on Grandfather's shoulder. Lyta squirmed nervously on Tim's shoulders feeling very vulnerable. Tim helped her down and held her close as she clutched his neck nervously. Andrew stayed close by. Underage Art The look in Lyta's eyes reminded me of how I had looked in the beginning of my relationship with Andrew, like she was almost ready to cut and run. "Father this is your Granddaughter and Henry's twin, Lyta. Lyta this is your Grandfather, Lord Basil. He is Charlie's and My Father." Lyta drew away from Grandfather, clutching Tim like a life preserver and seemed to be trying to make herself smaller. "Grandfather, why don't you and Henry show us the way to the suite so we can see the kid's bunk Underage Art beds" Andrew suggested as Lyta didn't seem capable of even looking into Grandfather's eyes at the moment. It all seemed to be too much for the child. "That's a great idea, this way children." Grandfather sounded cheerful, but I felt his disappointment as he turned and I caught a glimpse of the sadness in his eyes. Tim kept pace beside Grandfather. He could see Lyta peeking from his chest over at Grandfather who was making faces at Henry as they went up the stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs, he stopped. "This room here, I have converted into a playroom and classroom." He opened the door and the room was filled with light and color, Underage Art toys and two desks, a large table sat in the middle of the room and books sat in floor to ceiling bookshelves against two walls. The floor was covered in a thick brown carpet and the walls were murals of forest meadows with blue skies and puffy clouds. Airplane models hung from the ceiling and planet mobiles turned gently around as the central air brushed them. The ceiling was the night sky, the constellations painted in careful detail. Grandfather set Henry on his feet and Tim put Lyta down beside him. They walked slowly into the room. Lyta's mouth was open in shock and Henry's eyes were huge as they walked around carefully touching the toys and desks. I was sure that neither one had ever had a new toy in their lives and now they were surrounded by a toy Underage Art store's worth of excess and I could see they were overwhelmed. "Oh Grandfather, Thank you So Much!" I was awed at the expense he had gone to. Henry snapped out of the shock first. He ran back and threw himself into Grandfather's arms, tears streaming from his eyes. He put his hands on Grandfather's face and kissed his cheek, holding him tightly. "You are most welcome my Grandson. I love you." Grandfather squatted down and clutched Henry tightly then let him go back into the room. Lyta was watching him intently and then as if suddenly making up her mind, she walked slowly unsure of herself to where Grandfather was squatted down. He was directly at her level and she looked deeply into his green eyes. She didn't say a word but carefully put a hand on his cheek. Tears began to stream down her face. Grandfather swept her into his arms and clutched her to his chest. She was sobbing now, the stress and fear leaving her little frame in waves. She accepted him and he rocked her little body cooing gently "Its ok child. You are safe. No one here will ever harm you in any way. You are much loved here." I knew how she would distrust those words but at the same time I knew she would want to believe very badly. When her tears slowed and she pushed gently back against his chest, he let her and looked into her eyes. "Ok now?" he asked gently. "Yes. Thank you." She said. She still looked overwhelmed but like she was coming to terms with it. I grinned knowing she was going to be ok, possibly for the first time in her life. "Henry, are you ready too see your bunk beds now?" Grandfather asked. Henry was marveling at a large stuffed gorilla, then looking at Andrew. I knew what he was thinking and I almost chuckled. Henry came running over to Grandfather and jumped back into his arms. Grandfather carried them both now, one in each arm and headed down the hallway to our suite. It amazed me how that vampire, centuries old, could look like he was one of the kids. Tim was in front of him and opened the door as Grandfather went into the room first. It Underage Art was all still there, just a little closer together now. The table had been moved to sit in front of the windows and the sofa, armchairs and Underage Art coffee table were Underage Art no longer centered on the fireplace. There were tall, patrician screens draped in beautiful cream cloth separating about one third of the large room into a private space. There wasn't an actual door on the space, but you couldn't see into the space unless you actually walked in because of Underage Art the angle of the patricians. Grandfather walked into the partitioned off area. The top bunk was red and blue with cars on the comforter and race car pillows. The bottom was lavender and yellow flowers, with big fuzzy flower pillows sitting on the end. There was a ladder going up to the top bunk, each rung a different color of the rainbow and a pole that could be used like a slide pole to get down from the top bunk. There was a green rug on the floor and the inside walls of the partitions were painted each in a different color of the rainbow. There were two dressers, one blue the other yellow and two armoires, also one blue and one yellow. Grandfather put the kids down and let them go investigate. I stood beside Grandfather now with an arm draped around his waist, tears streaming down my face, my head resting on his shoulder. "You have outdone yourself Grandfather. I don't know what to say." I whispered. He turned to me and wrapped his arms around me and held me close. "You kids are my life now. I knew Henry's size and I got Lyta's size from Sloane. There are clean clothes in the dressers and armoires. If you or they need anything, just let me know." He hugged me tightly. "I haven't had this much fun in decades. Thank you so much for letting me into your life." "No Grandfather, Thank You for taking in a family of waifs. What would we do with out you?" I sighed in his arms and he held me close. "You will never have to find out, because I will always be here if you need me." Grandfather held me gently back and the looked into my eyes. "Besides, I'm pretty much immortal, so you are just going to have to put up with me." Grandfather chuckled and smiled then kissed the top of my head. "Now I would be willing to bet that you are all starving." We turned to look at the kids, Henry was up on the top bunk, bouncing slightly and Lyta was holding a fuzzy flower pillow and looking in her armoire at the new clothes, another first for her I was sure. "Henry... Lyta, are you hungry?" Grandfather asked Both of their faces lit up. "Yes please." Lyta smiled. Henry slid down the pole smiling and nodded when he stood next to Lyta and took her hand in his. I smiled at them both. "Well I leave that to you. I do need to make a few last minute preparations for our other guests." Grandfather bent down to hug both of the kids then put a hand on Andrew's shoulder and quickly Underage Art exited the room. When I stepped out of the partitioned area, Tim and Charlie had moved to the sitting area and were just watching. "Andrew would you order us something to eat. I believe we have two hungry youngsters here. I could use something to eat too. I need to go change my shirt or Stephon will never forgive me." I laughed and took Lyta's hand. "Come with me, I want to show you the rest of the suite. This is our sitting area here, Andrew's and my bedroom is through that door, and the bathroom is attached to the bedroom to the left once in the room." I led Lyta in to show her the room. I could hear Andrew questioning Henry what he wanted to eat. When Lyta knew where the bathroom was. I sat down on the bed, we were alone. "Are you ok little sister?" I asked her gently, pulling her down to sit on the bed beside me. "I think so. It is so much to come to terms with. I feel like I am dreaming. It is so beyond belief. To have a family, a brother and sister, and more family, who are vampires." I could hear the question in her voice, how come we have a vampire family. "Well we aren't quite finished yet. Henry knows all of it. He had a rather harsh introduction to our world, much worse than my own. I don't know if you are ready for the rest of it just yet. I don't want to frighten you." I told her honestly. She took a deep breath. "Is it bad?" she asked and shivered a bit. "Well not exactly bad. It is hard to accept and it is not something you will directly have to deal with for about another 6 or 7 years. Henry will have to deal with it first as boys hit puberty first." "What are we going to become vampires some day like Charlie and Tim or Grandfather?" she shivered a little at the thought. "No, but you are closer than you think. Do you think you can handle more or do you want to stop for awhile?" "No, let's get it over with. I'm ok really." Lyta said but moved closer to me snuggling into my side. "Ok. You see, we aren't human, any of us. You and Henry are the closest to human because you are still children and will be able to pass as human until the time of your first transformation. We are shape shifters. Do you know what a shape shifter is?" I asked her softly. "Well, I'm guessing it means you can change into things?" Lyta Underage Art said I could see her confusion and disbelief. "Yes and no. We can change into other animals. Wolves, bears, tigers, eagles pretty much anything you want. We are predators. We can change whenever Underage Art we want and we are still ourselves when we are the animal. The only thing that changes is the external body." I explained slowly. "So right now, you could be any animal?" Lyta asked her voice full of disbelief. I saw in my mind that Andrew had transformed into the gorilla and he was playing with Henry. "Yes. But not all shape shifters are like our family. We are special. We can change into any animal we want. Most shape shifters can only change into one animal and only that animal for their entire lifetime some can do two different animals. Andrew's family, his mom and dad, two brothers and his baby sister are like that. They can only change into 1 other animal. Most of them are wolves, except Angela his baby sister. She is too young like you and Henry and hasn't chosen a shape yet." I stroked her hair softly and pulled her up onto my lap. "Can Andrew take any animal shape or just one?" she asked. "Andrew can take any shape he wants, like us." I answered, glad that she was thinking and not stuck on the concept. "Why when the rest of his family can't do it?" "Andrew was changed when he became my mate, my husband. You see our family is what the rest of our world calls an Ancient Pureblood family. We are the only ones left of our kind. Our blood is undiluted by human blood. It makes us very powerful and the magic of that blood makes a great many things possible. Like the change in Andrew. When we became mates, our minds were joined and our animal spirits were joined. My wolf, my animal spirit purified his and now he is as strong as I am, as you and Henry will be when you change." "When will it happen to me and Henry?" she was trembling now. I rubbed her back slowly, gently. "It isn't an exact thing. You will change when your body quits growing. Henry will change at some point during puberty. More than likely he will change first." I explained gently. "What happened to our parents? Why aren't they here?" Lyta asked looking into my eyes. "Well that is a long story. Our Mother, Sarah, was in love with Grandfather's son, a born vampire, not a created vampire. Sarah's father didn't like the fact she had chosen a vampire for a mate. Among our kind, a couple once mated, like Andrew and I can't be separated. But when they are and one of the pair is killed, the other usually can't handle the pain and goes animal, which means that they turn into one of their animal shapes and remain that way until the animal dies when their spirit is freed. Because our Mother's love was not a shape shifter, when her father attacked, her love, Lord Vernon, sent her away with her protector. Lord Vernon was killed. Our mother tried to go animal but couldn't actually do it because although she loved Lord Vernon the magic of mating could not happen our people are too different species." "Mating is a compulsion among our species. Its something we have very little control over. Our Mother's Underage Art protector was a shape shifter named Prince Henry Fitz. He is our father. He loved our mother so much that he left everyone and everything he knew to protect her while she went into her animal form because of her grief." "Our people live a very long time. Purebloods, like us are thought to be as immortal as the vampires. We can be killed but our natural life span is unending. Shape shifters who are not purebloods, don't have that same life expectancy, the more pure the bloodline, the longer the lifespan. Some live for centuries, others live decades like humans. Andrew's family has a very good bloodline. Their benefactor, Stephon has been working to purify the bloodline. Some of our people aren't so lucky." "So we are going to live forever. We can change into any predator we want to become and our parents are still alive, but just so stuck in our mother's grief that they can't love us." I could feel her anger at our mother. "I know it looks selfish to you now. It is something you really won't understand properly till you fall in love and find a mate, sweetheart. Love for us is extreme. It isn't like the movies where the couple lives happily cooing at each other, each doing their own thing independently. For us when you fall in love, you join with that person. You start to feel very attached, almost as if you are one being. Then when you are mated, you do in a sense become one being. Your minds join. You can hear everything the other person is thinking and they hear everything you are hearing. When something happens to that other half, you feel like you loose your soul." I struggled to explain to her how our mother couldn't be here for us even if she wanted to. "Even though she was not completely mated to Lord Vernon, their vow Underage Art of love and the feelings behind it would have been enough for the magic to bind them. Not completely, not in the same way as Andrew and I are but it would still have been incredibly strong. Our mother believed that because she had us here in Denver, that our Grandfather would find us and raise us. She knew that Grandfather was here and that he loved her and that he would love us. What she didn't know was that a very bad vampire was conspiring against her. Grandfather had trusted this bad vampire to watch for us, which he did not do. Andrew found me after my first transformation. He explained what we were and his family took me to see Tim, while Stephon called Andrew away. Tim figured out who I was and after Andrew and I were mated and we had freed Andrew from Stephon, Tim brought us here. Then we found Henry and we found out about you and came to get you." "Wow that is some story." Lyta was too relaxed in my lap now. I knew she didn't Underage Art believe it, couldn't believe it. I chuckled a bit. "You don't believe it." I smiled sadly. "I want to, I guess. Parts of it are awful. The love story is sad." Lyta shook her head. "Lyta, right now, your little brother is out in the other room wrestling with Andrew who is at this moment a gorilla. Charlie and Tim are watching them play and talking about you. Charlie loves your hair by the way and Tim is still worried that you are afraid of him. I know this because Andrew is in the room and hearing their conversation. Why don't we go into the room and you can see for yourself." I looked at her as she took a deep breath and got off my lap. I held her hand and we opened the door between the suites and there was Andrew lying on his back, as a gorilla with Henry lying across his stomach trying to tickle him and Charlie and Tim turned to watch us enter. Andrew took a hold of Henry and sat up, holding him to his chest. The gorilla was one animal that had hands and it was one that I hadn't tried yet. Henry stopped laughing and turned to see Lyta now clutching my hand and hiding behind me a bit. I squatted down beside her. "It is still Andrew, even though he is a gorilla. Andrew is still in there. Remember, only the body has changed the mind is the same." I told her gently. She looked up at me, suddenly fearful. Henry smiled at her and held his hand out to Lyta. She reached for him and he took her hand. She wrapped her arms around him and trembled. He patted her back and brushed her hair back from her eyes. He led her towards Andrew who sat very still. She stopped still a couple feet from Andrew afraid to go closer. She looked over her shoulder at me and reached for me. I came up behind her and took her other hand and then went Underage Art the Underage Art rest of the way and sat on the floor next to Andrew, bringing her with me. I could feel her fear. "Lyta, Andrew asks if the gorilla is too scary? He became the gorilla because Henry wanted to play with the gorilla, but if you would prefer something else he would be happy to show you how he can change." Henry went over and gave the gorilla a hug. Andrew chuckled and it came out as grunts. "You said he could be anything right?" She asked nervously. "Well any predator." I told her softly. "A bird?" she asked. "Oh, yes. He can be a very beautiful falcon. It was the second shape he took. Would you like to see the bird?" "Yes." She said softly. "Henry hasn't seen the bird yet either." I told her. Henry stepped back a bit expectantly as the gorilla turned silvery and then suddenly shrank into a black falcon. "Oh!" Lyta exclaimed. Henry clapped his hands. Andrew clucked and bobbed his head. I put out my arm and Andrew hopped over and with a flap of his wings and a jump was balancing carefully on my arm, his talons hanging carefully so as not to rip open my arm. Henry moved closer and touched Andrew's chest, feeling the feathers. Andrew balanced carefully with his wings partially open. When Lyta reached out and touched one of his wings, he slowly opened it for her so she could see the feathers. She ran her small fingers along the feathers letting them slide through her fingers feeling the little vanes and barbs connected to each other. "Can he fly?" she asked with wonder in her voice now instead of fear. "Yes, when you transform, you can do anything the animal can do. As a bird you can fly, as a cheetah you could run 60 miles per hour, as a polar bear you could swim artic waters with ease." "Wow. I never thought of that." Lyta said stroking Andrew's chest, clearly mesmerized by the bird. "Do you want to see him fly?" I asked since she was so captivated by the bird shape. Maybe she would be ok after all. "Yes please." She said awed. Charlie came over then offering her arm to Andrew. "Please don't go far." She told Andrew. "You know I can't watch out for you when you fly." Underage Art Andrew laughed it came out a jeering clucking sound. "He is laughing at you Charlie. He asks what exactly you expect to surprise him in the sky." I told Charlie. "Guns... They can surprise you in the sky." Charlie said shortly. But she walked over to the balcony door and opened the door. Andrew waited for us to come over to the balcony. The afternoon sun had gone behind the building so Charlie could stand on the deck with the rest of us without needing her hat or gloves. The wintry air sent cold breezes blowing across the deck. We wouldn't be able to be out here very long. The afternoon temperature was dropping quickly. Andrew launched himself from Charlie's arm and flew up into the sky. He floated on the cold air just above the balcony trying to hover so Lyta could watch easily. Then he took off like a bullet high in the sky, spinning and diving as she watched. Henry's eyes were huge as he watched Andrew twist and turn in the sky. He turned flips and spins, soaring through the sky. He screamed his joy and I felt how much he was enjoying himself. I wanted very much to join him but I knew I needed to remain with the children right now. Andrew did not stay aloft very long. Lyta's teeth started to chatter and I called Andrew down from the clouds. He landed with grace on Charlie's gauntleted arm and we all went back into the suite. Lyta looked at me then. "You can do that too. Become any predator you want." "Yes. My first animal was a wolf, then the falcon, a polar bear and a tiger." Henry's hands clapped when I said tiger. I looked at him smiling. "Would you like to see the tiger again Henry." Andrew came up behind me. He had his pants on but that was all. He sat down on the floor and Henry jumped into his lap, Lyta stepped over to him and touched his chest as if to make sure he was solid. "Does it hurt, to change like that?" she asked Andrew hesitantly. Andrew grinned. "It does in the beginning, the first couple of times you take a shape. Now there is no pain at all. Come sit on my lap and watch Lance. I let the change take me and my clothes fell to the floor and the white tiger stepped away from them. I lay down in front of them and Henry jumped on me. I laughed and my tiger kind of cuffed and purred. He grinned and showed absolutely no fear. He had accepted all the changes and was confident now. He turned to Lyta and reached for her hand. She took his hand and then he did as Angela had done with him. He pulled her down against my side letting her hear my heartbeat. He held her hand and let her feel my soft fur. I purred softly under her hands. "So soft" Lyta murmured, as she ran her fingers through my fur. Henry climbed onto my back and held a hand Underage Art out to Lyta. Obviously I had become part pony and not just tiger. Lyta took his hand not exactly sure what he Underage Art wanted. He pulled her into Angela's spot between my shoulder blades. I walked around the room with both of them on my back. They were soon giggling with laughter. I walked over to the suite door and stood waiting for someone to open it for us. I figured it was getting late in the afternoon and it would be better for the kids to be in the playroom with Andrew and Tim so I could get back in my clothes and get ready Underage Art for our guests. Andrew opened the door and we went out. I trotted down the hall, bouncing the kids just a bit. They laughed and clutched at my fur. Grandfather, hearing the laughter, came out of his suite in time to see them riding my back down the hallway. He burst into laughter himself as he watched me prance up and down the hallway with the kids giggling. I was so glad that Lyta had finally relaxed and seemed to be ok with this, at least for now. Andrew had opened the door to the Underage Art playroom and I stood in front of the door. He had a t-shirt on now and socks. At least Underage Art one of us would be reasonably comfortable the rest of the afternoon. "Hardly love. I will be just as nervous as you will be with our guests." He whispered into my ear as the kids were climbing off my back and going into the playroom. The kitchen maid was just coming up the stairs laden with trays of food. Andrew waved her into the playroom and took his Underage Art lunch, Underage Art lunch for the kids and a goblet for Tim who had followed us to the playroom. Charlie stood at the suite door beside where Grandfather stood in the open door of his suite. The kitchen maid took the other tray and goblet down to our suite for Charlie and me. I looked at Andrew with love and went back to our suites to transform and get dressed for the meeting. I was sorely tempted to put on jeans, and I felt Andrew's laughter as I sighed resigned to find something else from the trunk of fashion Do's that Stephon had Underage Art provided me. I decided to keep the gray slacks and just put on a long sleeved button up tailored red shirt. It was too warm in the penthouse to wear the sweater. Stephon would have to be content with that. I could always feign distress as I had been recently kidnapped. Andrew was laughing at me down in the playroom. I ignored him and went out to the table to eat before I ran out of time to get something in my very empty stomach.
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